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我是HANLIN DING,也可以叫我Kelly。现在就读于英国伦敦时尚学院,是一名时尚珠宝的大二学生。我沉迷与珠宝的精细工艺,以及传承回忆的非凡意义。珠宝是我这一辈子的热爱所在,执着于追求纯粹的极简视觉传达以及繁杂的工艺结构。探索一种矛盾的极致与融合。艺术-观察,审视,反思,理解,共情,提炼出最精简的部分,使用设计这一个人类的工具去创造出‘美’。


I am HANLIN DING, or can call me Kelly, currently a sophomore fashion jewelry student at the London College of Fashion in the UK. I am fascinated by the fine craftsmanship of jewelry and the extraordinary significance of passing on memories. Jewelry has been my lifelong passion and I am obsessed with the pursuit of pure minimalist visual communication and intricate crafted structures. Exploring a paradoxical blend of extremes and fusions. Art - observing, examining, reflecting, understanding, empathizing, distilling the most streamlined parts and using design as a human tool to create 'beauty'.

Jewelry for me is a constant collision with different materials and techniques, using patience to carefully carve and cultivate a 'living' life form that can carry emotions.

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