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Natural Mood Regulator wants to express the healing of people who need to be released from stress through some elements in nature. Nature is where it all began in this world and has been around since long before the advent of man. We have been talking about finding the problem from the beginning and solving it from the root. Nature is the best medicine in this world. The heart is hard to cure. Contemporary people can receive information from too many different groups and listen to a cacophony of voices. The constant influx of pressure from all directions leads to a part of the population that does not know how to behave. There are some psychological problems will not be willing to release their innermost thoughts, closed self. Even if you know more sense will not be able to control their emotions, too much head. People tend to have some reactions when they are depressed, both physically as well as psychologically. For example, chest tightness dizziness, etc. That's why it's important to go out more in the right circumstances to absorb a little bit of the essence of nature, oxygen, sunlight, and sea breeze. They seem like they will change into different creatures and come to you subconsciously to heal you.

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