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我热爱音乐,一天的大部分时间我都在听音乐。有时忘带耳机出门,就会沮丧一整天。同时我非常喜欢弹奏乐器,因为那种最为纯粹的感觉。但同时乐器随声携带都较为麻烦,所以我 决定了做一个可穿戴乐器,可以随时随地的弹奏。
I have an extreme enthusiasm for music, most of the time in a day, I always listen to the music. If I forget to take the earphones when I have an outing, I will feel upset for the whole day. At the same time, I like playing instruments very much, because it is the purest kind of feeling. However, taking instruments by our sides will trouble a lot, so I decide to make a wearable instrument, for us to play whenever and wherever we want.;

Through this decoration, I want to let the people who love the music like me can feel the portability of wearable instruments. Simultaneously, to influence more people to feel the charm of music and the joy of playing instruments.

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